Top 5 music fest tips that will change your life

1. Splurge on VIP Tickets

If you can, always splurge on VIP tickets. It’s always nice to have that VIP table as a recluse when you need a break from the dance floor, or that VIP viewing area that’s less crowded with a better view, or that exclusive section of (much nicer) bathrooms. Most people don’t regret their decision to upgrade to VIP status, and sometimes that status comes with a bunch of cool extras and freebies, too. However; a big part of making the most of your festival experience is organization. Part of that organization is researching your specific festival and what VIPs are offered, and reading reviews to see if it’s worth the upgrade.

2. Bring Experience-Enhancing Supplements

A mood-booster that enhances your senses and the experience is a great idea, but I’m not talking about bringing or buying drugs. What if there was a safer and healthier alternative to those questionable party favors that are being passed around the festival grounds? With a growing number of drug-related deaths and emergency room visits during festivals, partying smarter is becoming a priority for many festival-goers. The CDC points out that although MDMA (or ‘Molly’) is a popular pill to pop at festivals, MDMA can cause “serious adverse effects, including hyperthermia, seizures, hyponatremia, rhabdomyolysis, and multiorgan failure.” KATY is an all-natural alternative to Molly that allows you to get lit and have a blast during the festival safely and legally. It’s a mood-boosting Nootropic supplement that naturally boosts serotonin and enhances the senses. It works best when you’re moving and dancing, and you’ll feel dreamy yet tuned in, lifted and energized. tried KATY and concluded “it was a very positive experience to feel energized and heightened physically and mentally, while not having to worry about breaking the law or chemically testing to make sure what we were ingesting was actually safe.” A rep from also tried it and said: “It was the awareness that captivated me most. Not psychedelic by any means, but the world around me leapt into focus. At no point did I feel out of control, speedy, nor felt the need to grind my jaws to a pulp. Also, KATY works with you as you move, meaning the more you dance, the more you feel it.” Some people say it reminds them of Molly, but the most significant difference is that there’s no depressing “come down”. That’s because KATY contains brain-boosting ingredients that are healthy for your brain, so the next day you’ll feel clear-headed and amazing.

If you want to enhance your visual sensations even more while you’re enjoying your ‘high’, order a pair of diffraction glasses to bring with you. Diffraction glasses are perfect for a music festival with a brightly lit stage and laser lighting, because they can transform lights into a gorgeous spectrum of rainbow colors and make lights look extra-mesmerizing to give you a visual euphoria. Basically, you get to have a personal light show anywhere you go. These experience-enhancing accoutrements will guarantee that you’ll have the ultimate music festival experience.

3. Bring a Fanny Pack of Essentials

Mood-boosting accoutrements are great, but what about the basic essentials? Fanny packs are the ultimate hands-free way of keeping your music festival essentials on you at all times without a heavy backpack or having to carry a purse. You’ll barely notice that it’s around your hips as you dance the night away. Your fanny pack should have the following items in it in order to maximize your music festival experience: sunscreen, chap stick, sunglasses, wallet, phone, portable charger, travel-sized baby wipes, gum, condoms, granola bars and water. Yes it will be large enough for all of those things and no, it won’t be heavy. Your phone can double as a flashlight and a camera, so there’s no need to bring those things. Baby wipes are perfect for a quick, refreshing wipe-down to cool yourself off when you get too hot. They’re also essential if nature calls and the line up for the port a-potties is way too long. By packing a fanny pack of essentials, you’re upgrading your festival experience to a much higher level of comfort and security.

4. Prep Yourself Both Mentally and Physically

Music festivals can be pretty overwhelming, what with the round-the-clock synergy, the required energy, the noise, the heat, the extraordinary stimuli – the list goes on. Get a good night’s sleep every night for the few days leading up to the festival, and hydrate and eat well leading up to it, too. Use the days leading up to the festival as peaceful days to store up energy, so don’t party or get wasted during the lead-up.

If you’re an introvert you’ll need to mentally prepare for all of the humans. Human interaction is something introverts can thrive off of if they’ve prepared themselves for the event. I myself am an introvert, but I can have a great time at these festivals if I mentally prepare myself for the experience, knowing that I want to open myself up to the festival and everything that comes with it. I think of it as a vacation from my solitude, and my reclusive lifestyle will be waiting for me when I get back home. Remember that social interactions are good for your health, so you should embrace the social aspect of the music festival.

5. Avoid FOMO By Having it All Planned Out

Everyone loves the man with a plan, and the woman on a mission. Having a plan means knowing the lineup, knowing the schedule, reading the list of what’s available to see, do, buy and eat, deciding what the priorities are and making your own list. You don’t want to miss out on something cool that was being offered at your festival because you didn’t do your research and therefore didn’t know about it. Festivals often have crafts vendors, drum circles, photo booths, art shows, workshops and tons of other activities you’ll want to know about. When you’ve figured all of this out in advance, you’ll have way less FOMO and much less anxiety at the festival.

You’ll also want to plan what to wear, what to bring, and plan ‘meeting spots’ with friends in case you lose each other. Know the festival rules so that there are no unexpected surprises or confiscations.